Brandy Worley
Brandy Worley

Clinic formats

*Ground manners
*Going forward in the roundpen
*Small circles in hand for control and movement
*Saddling and bridling horses
*Leg cues before mounting for the first time
*Standing up in the stirrups on both sides before mounting horse
*Your first ride

Liberty Training

*there is a limit of 6 horses per day per clinic when teaching Liberty: Stop, Look and listen


Part 1 of 3

*Round pen: Stop, Look and Listen
*Come to me
*Follow Me

Leading and Positioning

Part 2 of 3

*Staying at my shoulder
*Correcting the hindquarter

Lateral Movements

Part 3 of 3

*Lateral to the left
*Lateral to the right
*Corrections of them both

Advanced Liberty

*Spanish Walk
*Rearing up
*Standing on a Pedastool
*Laying Down
*Parking out
*Camel Bow

Conformation clinics

*Basic conformation of the equine
*Basic breeding information
*Basic breed differences

Clinic Fees

*First day fee is $150 per person

*Second day fee is $125, if signed up for first day

*Auditing fee is $30 per person per day

Rules and regulations for the clinic please Contact Brandy Worley

For more information Plesase Call or text 1-408-529-2396

Gilroy California

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