Brandy Worley
Brandy Worley

I was having my skill level assessed and I realized that I need to thank you again for all the work you put into my lessons. I felt confident and was very proud to be a Brandy Worley boot camp graduate! I bet I learned more in a year with you and Pride than I would have learned in 2 1/2 years somewhere else.


When I first rescued Saphire she was broken in spirit and afraid of people, horses and just about everything. With patience, work, and love, Saphire learned to trust me, but it was clear that I would never be able to ride her.
Then Saphire and I started taking Liberty lessons with Brandy. We bonded more than ever. Whatever I could communicate to Saphire, she would do. With Brandy’s expert guidance, Saphire and I learned more than I ever imagined we could. Saphire and I may never go riding together, but we make an excellent team at liberty.

Liberty lessons were the highlight of my week.

-Karen and Saphire

Dear Brandy,
Thank you for teaching me how to ride horses. I will miss you, Pride, Stewie and Indy.

From your student,

-Love Tiffany

Thank you doesn't seem enough. I have grown as a rider and person. first lesson I felt like a panic was on the way but you made me feel like i could anything!! the first two years I did not know I could hold my breath for 30 minutes without a smile but now I know I can smile :)......... now I feel like a real rider. I loved working with all the horses and watching Dustin and Pride in the in the round pen- what a sight. Pride the horse who helped me be a better rider who put up with me putting things on backwards. so many happy memories....Thank you


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